Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Are you a happy earthling and wine drinker?

I started to read my way through professional Blogger sites. Eager to learn of the how's and who's and when's to make a Blog successful, interesting and make yourself tons of followers. How to write perfect content and make my readers happy.

You may wonder why the wine geek is talking Blog stuff right? Well! Seen that during winter time, I actually don't do tours and noticed, that my clients are eager to learn and like to have more information. I can't wait till winter. Nope! 

Let me tell you - something my clients already experienced - I'm a girl "with both feet on the ground". I already apologize, because my native tongue is not english, but german, more precise: Swiss german. But german is like my native tongue. And here we go again with the content of a Blog. It should be impeccable, perfect and without any errors.

I will do my best to make this possible. Looking to the sparkling future :-) Some interesting topics will come in the next weeks. I just give you a hint of 3 where stuff in my glass is swirling:

  • Do you put ice cubes in your white wine?
  • Where do aromas in wine come from?
  • Is Cabernet-Sauvignon a wine?

See you soon and become a happy earthling and wine drinker 
and start to follow! I appreciate it a LOT!


Chris your wine geek

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Swirling in my glass

Oh boy! An extremely long time swirled in my wine glass, since I posted the last time something here. And to make a brand new start, I trashed all old posts in the www universe. Yeah I know, not good. But sometimes you have to start all over again, to make things as you like them.

So, what's happening in the wine glass right now? Chris, your wine geek and owner of DolceChianti wine tasting and more, is doing wine tours, transferring the passion for wine to them. I'm still writing on my Chianti Classico wine guide for the individual traveller. But be warned: first it will be edited in german! Yes! Simple reason, because my first language is german. 

And that's it for now. I will delight you with some pics and oh! I finally started to use Twitter, check in on: @Dolcechianti and follow. 

Do the same on my Facebook site and share your questions about wine.

Here's a bright summer wish to all of my friends and followers!